Repatriation With Serenity

Bringing your loved one home.

Bringing Home Your Loved Ones

Serving with dignity, sympathy and compassion

When a death occurs away from home, often the family wishes are to return their loved one to their home of origin. Repatriation with Serenity adhere to various local and international laws, airline regulations and local customs.

Repatriation with Serenity has the knowledge, experience, and resources to achieve a dignified repatriation and to meet the needs of bereaved families and clients. At Serenity, we personally handle all proper documentation for the local and destination country’s authorities

With our many years of repatriation expertise both to and from many countries globally. We will always be there to ensure a prompt and efficient transit.

Experience in repatriation handling

We know and we care.

With our wide experience in handling repatriations to countries around the world, Serenity is recognized for our specialized services from the collections of your loved ones, preparation of your loved one to meet Health requirement, documentations to meet embassy requirements and freighting requirements.

Repatriation to loved ones returning to Singapore

Ensuring a smooth transit home

Serenity extensive services includes organizing all necessary documentations with Overseas Funeral Home to ensure the proper documents are required to have a smooth transit back home. We will keep constant communication with funeral homes, airlines & embassy till your loved one arrives safely back home.

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