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always comforting because we care

Serenity Casket is a local family run funeral company. Our experienced Funeral Directors and staff will ensure that they will listen, understand the needs of the bereaved families and get the highest level of personal care.
We aim to serve with dignity, sympathy and compassion during these troubled times and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance.

With on of the primary role of a caregiver to the bereaved, funeral directors have a significant role to play in assisting family members to create meaning in their loss and rebuild life that has been shattered by death.

Always Comforting Because We Care

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The Team At Serenity

Serving with dignity, sympathy and compassion

A funeral is a time where relatives and friends come to pay their last respect. Our dedicated Serenity team will take care of the little details to ease the memorial service. During memorial service night we do table serving to ensure your guests will be properly taken care of, taking the time for you to entertain precious guests.



Dignity in the last journey home


Our Memorial Arrangement

Serving with dignity, sympathy and compassion

Often some people might feel uneasy about grieving, especially for those who whave spent time with a person who has died. For others, it is a time to express their emotions and feelings that they have. At Serenity, we understand the part of grieving, and we make it easier for everyone. We believe in celebration of life


Committed to making their last moment special

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