Memorial Set Up & Tribute Arrangement

Setting up to give a special touch

A Special Touch

Sparing no efforts in setting a memorable wake

Funerals were always held in a funeral home / parlour, HDB void deck / common area, Church chapels or family home. It is the family’s choice where the funeral service will take place, and our staffs will make all necessary arrangements on families’ behalf. Serenity’s memorial set up arrangement had been praised by many families for the elegant and dignified ambience for the last good bye.

It’s important that the memorial venue arrangements are equipped, clean and neat. We also believe in creating an ambience for families to feel comfortable and celebrating the life of their loved one.

We have provided many families with personalisation ideas for a meaningful and unforgettable memorial service to bid their last goodbye.

Memory Table

We know and we care.

Memory table for families and friends to share about the life of their loved one by putting pictures, writing notes of love and giving the special touch to share the amazing life of the loved one.

Tribute Videos

Revisit the memory lane

Tribute videos for their loved one, share with family friends and guests. This help families and guests to revisit their memories with the loved one and heal in the comfort of memories.

Online Obituary

We know and we care.

At Serenity, we believe in providing a special touch to our customers. We provide a online obituary for your departed love one. A Special space online to always commemorate and pay tribute to your loved ones.

Keepsakes & Giveaways

We know and we care.

A family prepare pots of flower for friends and family as a thank you gift! Some spark discussion of fond memories, as the flower was her favourite flower. this just make the whole memorial service so personalised, provide a little love touch to the attendees.

Refreshment Suggestions

We know and we care.

Instead of the standard coffee and water service at a funeral, why not surprise families and friends by offering the loved one’s favourite drinks or snacks? This makes a lot of differences.

Talk to us About Funeral Planning

We listen with care & compassion capturing details meticulously.