Final eternal home for your loved one.

An Important Part of Funeral Planning

Serenity offers an extensive selection.

Choosing a casket is probably one of the most important, and for many, most difficult part of planning a funeral or memorial service. Caskets in Singapore come in a wide variety of styles and colours. In Singapore the percentage of families opting for cremation for their loved one are much higher than burial. Caskets are a loved one’s final eternal home, and, therefore, care should be taken so that selecting a casket is not done hastily.

Back To Nature

Eco Friendly Choice.

Serenity have extensive selection of caskets, made of different type of wood. These days more clients are opting for eco- friendly casket, “back to nature” theme casket, hence we had also imported casket from United States and New Zealand to provide our client with more overall options.

Elegant & Serene

Some of our selection of Caskets

Solemn Tribute

Peaceful Symphony

Safe With Angels

Comforting Solace

Pillar of Strength

Southern Cross

Send off your loved one elegantly

Chelsea by Serenity, Our Limo Hearse

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